Eva Marie Announces She's Done With WWE

Eva Marie is waving goodbye to WWE. This comes as a bit of a shock as just last month she was teasing a return to the ring.

Ms. All Red Everything tweeted this morning and officially closed the door on her return to WWE: "Today I'm saying a bittersweet goodbye to @WWE. Thanks to the entire team, and YOU, my fans, for these 4 years! #AllRedEverythingForever".

Last month, in an interview with TooFab Magazine, Marie was coy when discussing her future in WWE.

"Oh, my goodness, for sure. WWE, for me, is where it all started. You never know, I could show up on a Monday Night Raw, I could come down to SmackDown Live and snatch that title real quick. Never leave me out, you never know what's creeping around the corner, if you know what I mean."

TooFab followed up by inquiring if she's planning on returning to Total Divas:

"You never know. It's definitely a possibility. I love that show and I think everybody needs a little bit of Natalie Eva Marie in their life, so why not spread it everywhere."

Today we can finally end the speculation.

Eva Marie has been off of WWE since August 2016. It appeared she was in the midst of a big push but was suspended due to a violation of WWE's Wellness Policy. She made a few more appearances on Total Divas but has yet to step in the ring since her suspension. Instead, Marie has opted for Hollywood. Temporarily.


Before her departure, it was rumored that WWE was very high on Ms. All Red Everything. Before being suspended for violating WWE's wellness policy Marie had become a heat magnet for fans. In her short time on the main roster, she was the most fervently booed female on WWE's roster. WWE took advantage of this and began to troll their audience by having Marie fake injuries to avoid actually competing in the ring. For a brief time, it was brilliant.

Marie could have been a lot of fun in WWE, but it looks like we'll never see it. She'll be remembered as one of the most remarkable employees in recent WWE history despite hardly ever wrestling. As a cast member for the first six season of Total Divas, Marie is one of the show's matriarchs. However, it looks like her time there is done as well. Best of luck to Eva and her future endeavors.