Enzo Amore's Attacker Revealed on RAW

After several weeks of guessing and finger-pointing, we can finally rest. Big Cass was ousted as Enzo Amore's assailant.

To close RAW, a court of Big Show, The Revival, Enzo and Cass, and Kurt Angle gathered the ring to sniff out the evil-doer. One by one, alibis aligned and suspects were vindicated. In the end, only Big Cass was left.

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Thanks to some bang-up investigative journalism by Corey Graves, all reasonable doubt that Cass was innocent evaporated. Using tape from last week, Graves proved that Big Cass staged his own attack, in hopes of throwing the investigative dogs off the scent. It worked for a week as Cass suggested it was Big Show who attacked him. But the video cinched it.

With nothing left to hide and the conclusion on the tip of everyone's tongue, Big Cass took the mic and admitted to his deed.

Cass claimed he was sick and tired of Enzo. Citing Enzo's loud mouth and reckless behavior, Big Cass scorned his partner in crime. Enzo had little to say, and Cass continued to verbally assault his friend.

In closing, Cass would say Ezno has been writing checks with his mouth that his ass can't cash. The crowd popped for that. Then a big boot planted Enzo. Cass walked out, brandishing his new found heel-dom.

Whether this is the right time to break up Enzo and Cass is hard to know. They were doing fine as a tag team but had yet to reach that championship pinnacle. The return of the Hardy Boys possibly slowed down their rise, along with the joining of WWE veterans Cesaro and Sheamus.


Cass got a taste of singles competition last year and appeared to do well. Whether or not WWE seem him as a main event level competitor is a much different story. For now, we'll just have to enjoy the ride and tune in to see what Enzo Amore's response will be.

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