WWE Announces Dean Ambrose Will Miss 9 Months

On the Christmas edition of RAW, WWE announced that Dean Ambrose will miss most of 2018 thanks to a recent surgery. However, WWE fans should not take their estimates seriously.

Last week, news broke that Dean Ambrose would need an operation to fix a torn triceps tendon. Originally, this was believed to have cost him between 4-6 months. Yet another report surfaced claiming that he'd be back within 3 months, which made WrestleMania 34 seem like a possibility for the Lunatic Fringe. Then on RAW's Christmas Day episode, Michael Cole read to the folks at home that Ambrose is expected to miss 9 months. Clearly, something is amiss.

WWE.com's article would go on to spill the grisly details of Ambrose's injury:

“He tore some of the distal triceps tendons where it attaches to the forearm bone, called the olecranon,” Dr. Dugas told WWE.com. “He basically tore about 50 percent of the triceps tendon away from the bone. So yesterday we repaired that back down to the bone where it tore off of. The surgery was very straightforward; we removed all of the extra bursal tissue — all of that extra swollen stuff around his elbow.”

For those that will remember, earlier this year, WWE tagged Braun Strowman with a 9-month prognosis after a similar injury. Despite getting hurt in April, Strowman made his big comeback in July, shaving a full 6 months off of WWE's forecast.

While we're sure Strowman worked incredibly hard to get back early, his "premature" return would be miraculous by most medical standards. Given that a torn triceps typically takes 6 months to heal in the worst of circumstances, it appears that WWE is fleecing us yet again. Dean Ambrose will be back well before the 9-month sentence, and if we're lucky, in time for WrestleMania.


So yes, Dean Ambrose is hurt and will miss time. However, he will be back well before August, as WWE has indicated. Chances are, his early return will have a significant impact on Seth Rollins and his new tag team partner, Jason Jordan.

This should be fun.