Dean Ambrose Injury Reportedly Spoiled Heel Turn

Dean Ambrose's tricep surgery cinched that 2017's Shield Reunion was cursed. However his untimely injury didn't just stop an enthralling Shield sequel, it also derailed massive plans WWE had for Ambrose.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE's original idea was to turn Ambrose heel and have him feud with Roman Reigns. We'd guess this would have taken place after WrestleMania. But now, Seth Rollins may be destined for that role.

Although WWE reported Ambrose would miss nine months to recover from surgery, there's a decent chance that timeline is exaggerated.

Rumors of Ambrose heel turn began to churn this past summer when he and Seth Rollins became friendly. Then, when the Shield officially reunited, stories circulated asserting that Ambrose was destined to turn on the group, leading to a WrestleMania match between him and Rollins.

While WrestleMania is out of the question, Ambrose could turn heel as soon as he returns from injury.

After spending nearly a calendar year feuding and losing to the Miz on both RAW and SmackDown, Dean Ambrose has lost his footing on the WWE roster. He's taken his character to its threshold and actually won a WWE Championship. Ever since it feels like he's merely been treading water.

Watching Dean Ambrose operate under WWE's PG Era is like watching a hyena in captivity. He wants to be a savage, but his world will not allow it. The fact that he's been a babyface only makes this worse. So here we have this guy that's supposed to be legitimately crazy, but he needs to keep it PG and make sure he appeals the children? That's just bad chemistry.

As a bad guy, Dean really gets to be crazy. This is great! Right now the most unhinged Ambrose can get is to do something spontaneous. Not to mention, heel Ambrose will get rid of the much-maligned rebound clothesline. When Dean switches to the Dark Side, he can do horribly violent things, I mean, imagine Cactus Jack in the PG Era.

We all forget that Ambrose is a former WWE Champion. If he can go to the top of the company in an unnatural character, how far can he go playing himself?

Hopefully, we get to see this version of Dean in 2018.


Photo: WWE