Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Give Daniel Bryan a Vicious Beatdown on SmackDown

Following the announcement that he has been cleared to wrestle once again at the start of [...]

Following the announcement that he has been cleared to wrestle once again at the start of SmackDown on Tuesday night, Daniel Bryan returned to the ring to close the show and address Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Zayn and Owens made their way down to the ring to face the music for their beat down of Shane McMahon on last week's show. Owens and Zayn gave Bryan a hug immediately upon entering the ring, playing off the idea that all of them are on the same page.

Owens joked that they weren't going to be at the show until they heard Bryan had been cleared medically to compete again. Following some digs on the state of Texas, Owens and Zayn said they wouldn't have missed this night and called Bryan their biggest supporter. Zayn said that SmackDown is the "dream show" since Bryan is there and said that if Bryan joined them, they could have a "dream team."

Bryan noted the reason he came out to the ring again Tuesday night was to address what happened last week. They rolled footage of the brutal attack Zayn and Owens laid down on Shane last week.

Owens and Zayn laughed as Bryan questioned why they thought it was funny. Zayn said that Shane deserved it. Bryan played up that this attack was a big deal and doubted that they understood what they had done. He put over Owens and Zayn as two of the best performers of their generation.

Bryan said they did more than get a little carried away, he noted they assaulted their boss. Bryan didn't understand why they attacked Shane when they had won, noting Shane admitted he treated them poorly and gave them a singles match at WrestleMania. Lastly, he said that Shane even said he was going to leave and let Bryan run the show and Bryan said he was going to be there in their corner. Bryan again asked "why?"

Bryan then said he had to do something he didn't want to do and proceeded to fire Owens and Zayn. Bryan mentioned that he had been fired before and that they can learn from the experience, noting it doesn't mean they are gone forever just for now.

Offering a handshake, Bryan told them "I'm sorry, you know how much you guys mean to me."

After two slow handshakes, Owens blindsided Bryan with a clothesline and Zayn got on top of Bryan and proceeded to pummel him with punches. Following a brief lapse, Bryan fought back against both men. He punched Zayn and hit some yes Kicks on Kevin in the corner as the crowd went crazy. Bryan then ran back and forth, corner to corner with some big dropkicks on each man as the crowd went absolutely nuts.

As Zayn rolled to the outside, Bryan hit the Yes Kicks on a kneeling Owens in mid ring until Zayn blindsided him from behind.

Owens then gave Bryan a superkick and pushed him to the corner. Owens held him there as Sami came in with the Helluva Kick.

Bryan slowly picked himself up and received a punch from Owens and was tossed to the outside by Zayn. Owens was tremendous, screaming and pulling at his head obviously torn about what he was doing to his former friend. Owens then gave Bryan a big powerbomb on the ring apron on the outside.

Zayn and Owens walked off as Bryan was put on a stretcher as the show went off the air. If it wasn't obvious that we are getting Shane and Bryan vs. Sami and Kevin at WrestleMania, it should be now. It sure didn't take long for WWE to allow the recently cleared Bryan to take some bumps!