The Miz and Daniel Bryan Reignite Rivalry with Twitter Spat

Without question, the juiciest move from Monday's half of the Superstar Shake-Up was The Miz's jump to SmackDown. It's not just because the 8-time Universal Champion was the biggest name to move, but because it came per Daniel Bryan's request.

And the pair of rivals is already taking swipes at one another.

In the same moment Kurt Angle announced Miz's departure from RAW, Daniel Bryan tweeted the following:

"How long have I waited to #PunchHisFace?!!!"

Never one to be shown up, The Miz fired back with heavy artillery.

"Be very careful punching my face. You might injure yourself and be out another 3 years. See ya tonight!"

Despite never touching one another, The Miz an Daniel Bryan have created a combustible rivalry since the latter hung up his boots. The most incendiary spark came on an early episode of Talking Smack where Miz cut one of the more iconic promos in WWE history—directly into Bryan's face.


They've taken a few passive-aggressive shots since most notable with The Miz stealing Bryan's "Yes kicks" during his matches.

However, eyebrows raised at RAW 25 where the two Superstars went nose to nose n live TV. Things never got physical, but The Miz enjoyed mocking Bryan after the tense interaction.