Conor McGregor Makes History By Knocking Out Eddie Alvarez At UFC 205

At UFC 205 in Madison Square Garden, Conor McGregor made history. In a brutal match, McGregor defeated Eddie Alvarez by knocking him out in the second round.

McGregor was in control of the fight right from the start. In the first round, McGregor knocked Alvarez down with a left hand strike. After the first knock down, Alvarez quickly jumped back up to his feet. However, McGregor knocked him down two more times in the first round.

After barely surviving the first round, Alvarez was clearly outmatched in the second round. McGregor appeared to be toying with Alvarez before finishing him off with a knockout.

By beating Alvarez, McGregor took the UFC lightweight championship belt. Gaining the belt was made even more significant by the fact that McGregor was already the featherweight champion. McGregor is now the first person in UFC history to be a two class champion.


After the fight, McGregor said, "I just want to say from the bottom of my heart. I'd like to take this chance to apologize to absolutely nobody."