Results and Highlights from Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega's Wrestle Kingdom 12 Match

As most of us were sleeping, New Japan Wrestling uncorked their version of WrestleMania at Wrestle Kingdom 12. But instead of Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, the Tokyo Dome's mega-show was headlined by Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega.

Given Jericho's pedigree, Omega's surging popularity, and their bloody build up, the wrestling world's expectations for the contest were arguably insurmountable. However, the match they facilitated was the stuff of legend.

Let's start with the entrances. Just like WWE, New Japan is all about pageantry, so both Jericho and Omega made impressionable introductions.

From there, Y2J and "The Cleaner" would go on to execute an intoxicating match, filled with high spots and brutality that simply are not present in WWE.

While WWE plays within the boundaries of TV-PG programming, New Japan is far more liberal. Wrestlers are free to use obscene language and gestures or, in last night's case, freshen up their genitals if they please. This removal of constraints gives NJPW wrestlers creative reign to tell stories that would make the average WWE fan blush.


It was always clear that Jericho's match with Omega would be a one-off, so he was never expected to win. Omega would pin Jericho after his One-Winged Angel finisher that sent Y2J's skull crashing into a chair.

While only time will tell, Jericho and Omega's match likely supplied new levels of exposure for New Japan Wrestling. Professional wrestling has always been a global community and thanks to the internet, we rarely miss anything.