The Bar Adds to SmackDown's Impressive Tag Team Divsion

When WWE launches a draft or Superstar Shake-Up our first instinct is to compare the haul brought in by RAW and SmackDown. And by The Bar coming to Tuesdays, SmackDown has the far superior tag team division.

Both Cesaro and Sheamus are on a flight to South Africa for a WWE tour, but they did send in a video declaring their intentions to dominate the Blue Brand.

The Bar joins a loaded tag division that features The New Day, Usos, Bludgeon Brothers, and Gallows and Anderson of The Club. While RAW added The Authors of Pain and what looks to be a new team Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre in the post-WrestleMania roster bonanza, SmackDown will be the place for tag team wrestling.

At the moment, it's the Bludgeo Brothers who are king of the tag team hill. They've had strong 2018 and it appears that WWE is into Harper, Rowan, and their mallets. However, they may not hold the belts much longer.

The New Day, Usos and Bar may prove to be some of the best tag team in WWE history. While the New Day is insanely popular, The Usos are the hottest act in WWE right now as they appear to be ready to make the switch heels to edgy babyfaces. The crowd is behind them and we may be on the verge of something special.


But we can't fade The Bar. Originally it looked Like WWE paired Cesaro and Sheamus tougher because neither had much to do. But in their mouths as partners, they've proven they are an elite team having already named three turns with RAW Tag Team Championships.

While RAW still has the bigger names in Ronda Rousey, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Bruna Strowan, Smakcdowposesses the more complete rosters. However, we can't downplay the star power WWE will be playing on Tuesdays either. Daniel Bryan, Aj Styles, the Miz, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Charlotte Flair will headline the Blur Brand in 2018 and for many folks that will be the more enticing watch.