Cody Rhodes and the Bullet Club Continue to Troll Vince McMahon and WWE

Despite being threatened by cease and desist letters from WWE and getting disparaged by Roman Reigns, the Bullet Club continues to expand their passive-aggressive war against Vince McMahon.

In a recent promo for Ring of Honor's upcoming event Survival of the Fittest, the American figurehead of the Bullet Club, Cody Rhodes, extended a wry invitation to the WWE boss. The 2-time Intercontinental Champion and son of pro-wrestling icon Dusty Rhodes is granting the McMahon Family free admission to the Ring of Honor event. Even more, anyone who even possesses the last name of McMahon will get a 10% discount on their ticket.

In the video, Rhodes made several allusions to the recent skirmishes between WWE and themselves. Such transgressions included WWE "stealing all of my dad's ideas," which was a clear reference by Rhodes about upcoming WWE events being named Starrcade and War Games.

The "piggybacking" conspiracy theory furthers by the fact that the ROH show and an NXT event will both occur on November 17th from San Antonio, Texas.

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Rhodes' dubious invitation marks yet another installment in the growing tale of WWE vs. The Bullet Club. It's hard to point at where this all began but the firing of WWE writer, Jimmy Jacobs is a logical enough starting point. WWE released Jacobs after he posted a photo with the Bullet Club who were "invading" RAW a la Degeneration X's invasion of WCW. That moment exacerbated tensions that were created after WWE threatened legal action against a Bullet Club tag team, The Young Bucks, for using WWE mannerisms like "Too Sweet" and "Suck it."

Rhodes got involved by calling himself the "biggest draw in wrestling" which actually drew the ire of Roman Reigns after a fan showed The Big Dog Cody's contentious quote. Reigns' response of ."..If that house didn't draw over 100K. He's just talking silly," elicited to Rhodes mocking Reigns' tactical vest and failed drug test from 2016.

So when AJ Styles and Finn Balor struck the Bullet Club's secret handshake after their epic match at TLC, fans assumed it was Vince McMahon returning fire. This logic was immediately killed by Styles himself who said it was an organic moment between him and Balor.

However, by essentially daring Vince McMahon or even Triple H to show up to the Ring of Honor show, Rhodes and the Bullet Club have cast yet another stone.

What happens next or how far this can actually go is nearly impossible to forecast. However, fans of both sides have to be intrigued by the amount of play this is getting and should cross their fingers that there is much more to come.


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