Brock Lesnar Shows up at WWE Chicago Show and Fans Hated It

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman seem totally comfortable with playing the villain as of late, and their recent appearance at a WWE Chicago show made them look all the more dubious.

In just 30 seconds, Lesnar dismantled Kane in a fight for the Universal Championship at Chicago's United Center. The quick and laughably one-sided match irked fans who were hoping to get their money's worth

WrestleZone reports that a chunk of the attending crowd was "pissed" about the joke of the contest. Even more, Paul Heyman trolled the arena during his induction of Lesnar, claiming the Universal Champion hailed from the "Ultimate Corner" — a clear reference to UFC.

This marks a continuation of a trend the suggest Brock Lesnar is leaving WWE for UFC. Paul Heyman's teased it, and Dana White as all but guaranteed it.

Before we start forecasting Lesnar's departure from WWE, there's one fact that must be underlined. If Lesnar does declare his UFC intentions, he'll have to finish serving a year-long suspension linked to a failed drug test dating back to his UFC 200 win over Mark Hunt. Lesnar still has about 6 months left on that sentence, which should put a piano on the back of anyone running away with half-baked theories.

However, Lesnar returning to UFC is only half of the story.

It's been established that Lesnar's contract with WWE is up after WrestleMania, but there is also a belief that WWE can hold him through August if they chose. This contract limbo has been the foundation for the biggest storyline in WWE.

Lesnar is set to defend his Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34 on April 8th against Roman Reigns. But when Lesnar no-showed his heavily advertised appearance for this past Monday's edition of RAW, a storm official started to brew.

However, this is all a ploy to make Lesnar look like the bad guy. He already has a well-established reputation for doing as he pleases and WWE is simply turning up that perception to 11.

In recent years, Lesnar has drawn criticism from WWE's fan base for his incredibly Brock-friendly schedule. This was illustrated perfectly by the fact that Seth Rollins' Gauntlet Match performance, which saw him wrestle for 65 straight minutes, eclipsed Lesnar's cumulative wrestling time for all of 2017.


For now, expect WWE and Lesnar to keep the standoff alive, while Reigns further endears himself to the crowd as The People's Champion.