Big Cass Reportedly Cleared to Make WWE Return

After severing ties with Enzo Amore, girlfriend and co-worker, Carmella, and his ACL, we can safely say that Big Cass has had a tumultuous 9 months. But a return to normalcy is reportedly very close.

PWInsider reports that not only was Big Cass backstage for the latest episode of RAW but was telling his peers that he had been medically cleared.

This news makes Cass' return imminent, but it may have to wait for until after Wrestlemania. Jeff Hardy was cleared a few weeks ago, and it still appears that he could miss the New Orleans mega show. However, once WWE gets over the hump of 'Mania, it sounds like bringing back Cass will be a top the to-do list.

Just as Big Cass' career looked like it was ready for take-off, he tore his ACL during a match with former tag-team partner, Enzo Amore. The surgery that followed was estimated to cost Big Cass 9 months. The Big mad actually predicted he'd be back after WrestleMania, but it sounds like he's ahead of schedule.

Cass is clearly a guy that WWE is interesting in developing. With his size and budding charisma, he seems like the archetype Vince McMahon asks for everyone at his bedside. Even though he'll have missed considerable time, Cass will comeback with unfinished business.


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