Bayley Apologizes to Fan After Horrifically Awkward RAW Interaction

Bayley is known as WWE's most prominent hugger—she can be seen all over the world sharing a warm embrace with lucky fans. However, it's impossible for Bayley to hug everyone, especially if they are full-grown men.

On the latest episode of RAW, Bayley, per custom handed out a fresh hug to a young admirer. However, a second fan saw this as an opportunity to ride some huggy coattails.

But instead of a hug-triangle, this large male was left with one of the most diabolically awkward experiences a human could ever have.

It could have only been worse if he were naked.

Or crying.

Or both.

But, prone to empathy, Bayley issued her apology to the jilted fan.

This goes out to a lesson, before you hug, get consent. Or at least make eye contact, otherwise, you will become a .gif and you will be mocked.

The dejected fan has yet to respond to Bayley's apology, but by now, he's probably a die-hard Sasha Banks supporter.

Not long ago, a WWE fan could support both Banks and Bayley, but now that they're budding enemies, it may be time to pick sides. WWE has teased falling out for at least a year and it finally happened before WrestleMania 34. However, not much has changed since and instead of vicious beatdowns, Banks and Bayley have only supplied palpable tension.

Clearly, WWE is invested in this storyline for the long haul and we may not get a resolution until SummerSlam. In the meantime, we can bet on mean mugs and passive aggression sprinkled with the occasional physical altercation.


Banks and Bayley have already set a legendary precedent in an all-time classic at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. That match was delivered with masterful execution and conveyed one of the most emotionally compelling finishes in recent WWE history. It was so good, that WWE named it the best women's match in its history.

So when WWE is ready to have that same match on a bigger stage, we can expect great things from this pair.