Baron Corbin Gets New Entrance Music

2017 is shaping up to be quite the campaign for Baron Corbin. He had his first ever WrestleMania singles match earlier this year and that was before he became Mr. Money in the Bank. Even better, all signs point to him working with John Cena at Summerslam.

And now he's getting new music.

The Lone Wolf worked an Ottawa house show over the weekend where he debuted some new tunes. Naturally, a fan caught the new theme and posted it to Twitter.

As Revolver's 2016 Most Metal Athlete, Corbin has a reputation to maintain. Although it's merely a grainy snippet from a phone, it sounds like Corbin's new music will be an improvement. Not to say that his old music was bad, but it seemed to tie him to NXT.

This is right on time. Per a report last week, it looks like Corbin just found his SummerSlam dancing partner - Cena. undoubtedly, this will be the biggest match of Corbin's young career, so having the right music for such a moment should be the perfect way to subtly enhance Corbin's first ever Summerslam match.

For Corbin, a feud with Cena puts him under the brightest lights yet and makes another plot point in his rise. As the current Mr. Money in the Bank, Corbin has been pegged by WWE officials as some one of future importance.

The 16x time champion Cena finds himself in an odd place. We've been reporting that he will be leaving SmackDown for RAW the day after SummerSlam. WWE wants him on their Monday Night flag ship to help win the ratings battle against Monday Night Football. With that said, can we expect him to win at SummerSlam? While entering the event as a lame duck doesn't help his odds, smart money says he'll still beat Corbin.


However, a bigger moment may be awaiting the Lone Wolf in 3 weeks. As Mr. Money in the Bank, Corbin will have an opportunity to cash in on the RAW or SmackDown champion. There's been plenty of rumors circulating a Corbin cash in on a newly crowned WWE Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura. This would make sense as the two just left a rather indecisive feud. Who knows what will actually happen. But we do know that if Corbin chooses to cash in, he'll have new music behind him.