Watch: HBO Releases Trailer for Andre the Giant Documentary

HBO Sports in association with WWE and The Ringer will release and Andre the Giant documentary in April of next year. To get the hype train rolling, a 30-second trailer was released on Friday afternoon.

Coming on the heels of a highly successful Ric Flair documentary made by ESPN, HBO, and the Ringer's film will come with lofty expectations. However, The Ringer published a quick blurb along with the trailer that sounds all too promising.

"Andre the Giant was — literally — the biggest professional athlete in the world for decades. He was larger than life: From his exploits in the ring to the stories of his drinking, reality could hardly contain Andre. Featuring original interviews with everyone who was a part of his expansive life, from Vince McMahon, to Rob Reiner, to Andre's brothers in France, Jason Hehir's new film explores the life — in full — of the man who casts the biggest shadow in the history of sports and culture. It premieres on HBO in April 2018."


Mark your calendars!