Is an All Female WWE Brand on the Horizon?

With the Mae Young Classic tournament airing now on the WWE Network, there's been a spike in interest for women's pro wrestling. The question is, will that interest carry over into an all women's brand for the WWE?

Triple H, the mastermind behind NXT and all things WWE developmental, recently sat down with USA Today to talk about an abundance of subjects. One of the questions related to this idea of an all female wrestling brand. Triple H's answer didn't rule it out as a possibility down the line, though it does sound like a long shot.

"Never say never; you could end up there. We're experimenting with a lot of different things as far as programming. But the women are a lot different. With the women, you hopefully have opportunities for a lot of these women to beef up the roster on RAW, Smackdown, NXT, and while it's still a work in progress, we have the intention to be in the United Kingdom as well."

"We want the women to have the same opportunity as the men to be everywhere. You don't need a separate show, as long as opportunities are everywhere. It makes it feel like less than for them."

As Hunter alluded to, there are still plans for an all United Kingdom show that would air on the WWE Network. That brand was supposed to have been launched by now, but budget cuts within WWE have delayed the start of the brand. Instead, we've seen the WWE U.K. Champion farmed out to local independent promotions (sometimes resulting in injury), as well as having the title appear on NXT. Until that brand becomes a reality, the idea of an all women's brand would be even further away from happening.

With women's wrestling have been such a big part of WWE now for so many years, the idea that you need an all women's brand to highlight them just really doesn't seem to make sense. They already hold a big place on the main roster, and to be honest, the main roster and NXT could both use more talent to beef up the roster depth. The Mae Young Classic participants could certainly help in the long run in that area.

Speaking of the rosters, Triple H also talked about the difficulty in putting together a roster for the Mae Young Classic.


"We thought we could probably do this with 16 women who were very elite and upper deck. As we started to dig and watch more footage, there were more women. I realized I can do this with 32 who are really solid and high quality. We picked the 32, and it was hard to make the decision of who should go in and who shouldn't," Triple H said.

If you haven't yet checked out the Mae Young Classic on the WWE Network, it comes highly recommended.