You Have to See This Footage of Alexa Bliss' Old WWE Character

As one of the best-developed characters of the Women's Division, Alexa Bliss has no problem distinguishing herself. However, her sarcastic 'Mean Girl' persona wasn't WWE's first choice for Ms. Bliss.

On a recent appearance on Lillian Garcia's podcast, Chasing Glory, Bliss opened up about her early days as a budding Superstar at WWE's Performance Center. The Florida based training facility is the perfect spot for WWE prospects to hone their characters. Bliss talked about one of her earliest personas.

"I started getting comfortable in promos when I was partnered with Scott Dawson in NXT, " she said. "It never debuted on TV, but I was playing his girlfriend in promo classes for like a few months and that's what really kind of got me comfortable with promos because I was out of the box, I was reenacting, I was reacting off of people, you know?"

Luckily, we have this glorious footage.

Bliss is all too good at channeling the redneck version of herself. As entertaining as this is, the strong country accent has never played well in WWE. Vince McMahon is said to have a rigid disposition against the southern twang - it was enough for him to be reluctant to sign off on Stone Cold Steve Austin in 1996.

However, if Bliss is ever in a pinch, we now know she has the Trailer Park Girlfriend in her arsenal. We'll never see it as she's too good at being Alexa Bliss. What makes separates her from everyone else is her commitment to character, and those come directly from her promos. According to Bliss, it's no accident that she's such a good talker.

"I'm that psycho person backstage, every promo I still have, even if it's just two sentences or three pages, I'm backstage, I'm talking to myself, I'm pacing and just saying each thing, dissecting it, being like, 'Okay now how would I really feel if I just said that?'" she continued. "And then I say it to myself a couple of times, 'No that doesn't sound right.' And I say it and I'm like, 'Okay, that's what clicks. That's what I feel.'"


It seems Bliss has unlocked the formula for a good promo. While she may not be as physically gifted as Charlotte (no one is), Bliss has done a fantastic job of establishing her persona in WWE.

Her time as RAW Women's Champion may be in jeopardy as she'll be defending her precious metal in a Fatal 4-Way at No Mercy. Let's hope for some good talking on the way.