Alberto Del Rio Is Waiting For Triple H and Xavier Woods

It's no secret the former WWE Superstar, Alberto Del Rio isn't fond of his former employer. The now IMPACT Wrestling Unified Champion has made several rants against WWE, some of them sober. This weekend, Del Rio not only added a new diatribe to his playlist, but he actually issued a physical challenge to his adversaries, Triple H and Xavier Woods.

In an Instagram post, Del Rio laid it all out:

"Tuesday next week a bunch of p—— will be there in San Antonio. The man with the big nose and no balls, but also the p—— from the rap battle will be too. Also with no balls. Like their boss. All yes men.

I'll be in my restaurant. Starting at 10pm.
I'll be waiting for you there.
17776 Blanco Road.
La Cantinita.
And after I beat the s— out of you. I'll be you a drink. Just because I'm a good man."

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Del Rio is specific for a reason, SmackDown is in San Antonio this Tuesday. The former WWE Champion didn't specify if there would be chips and queso, but it still may be worth attending as a wrestling fan. For those counting at home, this makes for the second rant against WWE this week by Del Rio (now Alberto El Patron). In his thank you speech after winning the IMPACT Unified Championship, Del Rio made the moment about WWE instead of his company and achievement

"You gave me the battle of my life. And for that, and for these fans - the real fans - let's do it again. Not for you, not for me, for the [inaudible] of pro wrestling, because we're not f**king sports entertainers! Bobby Lashley and every single wrestler at Impact Wrestling... in this place, we are not sports entertainers, we are f**king wrestlers!"

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Typically Del Rio gives his diatribes at least a month before adding another entry to the list, but this week was the exception. It was hardly random. This past Tuesday on SmackDown, the Usos has a rap battle against the New Day, so far so good. But when the Usos mentioned Xavier Woods' sexual escapades with Del Rio's fiance, and former WWE employee, Paige, the roof blew off the building. Twitter exploded. If Del Rio was on the edge, this made him jump.

Don't count on Triple H or Woods showing up at Del Rio's fiesta, but do count on more social media sludge from Del Rio. Unfortunately, neither him, nor Paige can make headlines in a positive manner.