Alberto Del Rio Says Paige Tricked Him into Hating WWE

Somehow, after a volatile romance, Alberto Del Rio and Paige managed a graceful breakup. Well, that decent ending just died.

When Del Rio wasn't making alarming headlines with Paige in 2017, he often bashed his old employer, WWE. Ranging from challenging the New Day to a real fight to mocking the size of Triple H's nose, Del Rio's slew of insults will probably keep him out of WWE forever.

However, he still wants to come back.

"As you know, I am a man who knows when he was wrong. In fact I was in contact with them. Like WWE, when they admitted their mistake the first time I left, I also admit my mistake," he told Medio Tiempo.

For Del Rio, his hatred for WWE was mislead. Not by alcohol or narcissism, but by the lies of Paige.

"I personally apologized to Triple H for the issues we had when I was in a bad relationship with my ex-partner. She and her entire family made me believe that they affected our relationship. She made me believe that the videos [Paige and Maddox] and all that was happening outside to her was perpetrated by Triple H and the company," he explained.

Del Rio would go on to explain that his trust in Paige is gone.

"At the time I believed her, because she was my partner. I defended her by heart and sword, then things were different. Later I realized how wrong I was to place my trust in that person. I deeply regret my words and apologized to Triple H, his wife and WWE. They understood me," he said.

While neither Paige nor Del Rio appeared to be sane in 2017, this set of quotes sets a new standard for crazy. Just weeks ago, Del Rio delivered, what seemed to be at the time, a heartfelt goodbye and well wish to his ex. But now, he testifying that she played some type of Machiavellian trick on him which led to his likely banishment form WWE.

Given their history as a couple, I suppose that anything is possible. but this seems far-fetched if not desperate. But hey, maybe this put Del Rio back in WWE' good graces, I mean he is the victim after all.