AJ Styles Defeated John Cena At WWE Money In The Bank

(Photo: WWE/Jim Viscardi)

At one of the most hyped matches of the decade, John Cena versus AJ Styles, had two of professional wrestling's hardest working men duking it out in what could be considered an easy match of the year contender.

In the end though, the face of the WWE, AJ Styles came out on top and proved himself to the WWE Universe and why he is truly phenomenal...with the help of his friends, of course.

The match between the two contemporary icons went back and forth for over twenty minutes, with both men landing their finishing moves numerous times on each other and even managed to get a hold with their signature submission maneuvers, but it was the referee that got knocked out was the game changer for this match.

Cena had just landed the Attitude Adjuster on Styles and got a three count, but with no official available, it went uncounted. Enter The Club at that moment.

Anderson and Gallows made quick work of Cena, allowing for Styles to capitalize and get the pinfall victory once the ref came to.


With this victory over Cena, this was the match that had the most importance to Styles' WWE career thus far.