CM Punk Reportedly Brought to Tears During Trial

The CM Punk vs. WWE trial entered its fourth day of testimonies on Friday, and Punk was called to the stand to defend himself.

During the testimony Punk was asked about the 2014 Royal Rumble, his final night competing in a WWE ring before walking out on the company the following day. According to WrestleZone reporter Ross Berman, who was in the courtroom, Punk broke down into tears while describing the events that took place.

Punk said during the match he suffered a concussion when he was hit with a clothesline by Kofi Kingston. He told one of the cameramen to get Dr. Chris Amman to treat him at ringside, and said he felt, "helpless" when Amman responded to Punk's concussion by asking "What do you want me to do?"

Punk broke down as he admitted his judgement at the time was "poor." The judge called for a break to allow Punk to compose himself.

The former WWE Champion went on to speak about a number of topics, from his decision to do the podcast with Colt Cabana in November 2014 that led to Amann filing a defamation lawsuit. He also went into detail about discovering the lump on his lower back that wound up being diagnosed as a potentially fatal MRSA infection. He said he showed the lump to Amann multiple times, but that Amann never treated it. It was only after Punk left the company and went to a physician's assistant recommended by his wife AJ Lee that Punk was able to get the lump treated and removed.

He stood by the statements he made about Amann in the podcast episode.

"Everything was the truth, and I think the truth can hurt," Punk said.

He said the purpose of conducting the interview was to set the record straight, and to be just "two friends talking." Following Punk's departure he was suspended by the company for two months, and by July had had been moved to the Alumni section on and had been removed from any and all mention on WWE programming.


Since he left professional wrestling, Punk has stepped into the world of mixed martial arts by signing a multi-fight deal with the UFC in December 2014. He competed in his first professional fight in September 2016 at the UFC 203 event, losing to newcomer Mickey Gall in the first round.

His second fight will take place at UFC 225 in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, against Mike Jackson (0-1).