John Cena Hints at Missing WrestleMania

In recent weeks, John Cena lead us to believe that the game of WrestleMania musical chairs will leave him on the sidelines on April 8th. And according to the 16-time WWE Champion, that may be a good thing.

Cena spoke with Sports Illustrated and the tricky subject of his WrestleMania opponent became a point of interest. However, instead of teasing a legendary match with The Undertaker or Rey Mysterio, Cena opened speculation on an opponent that we’ve all dismissed: No one.

“What a great story it would be for me to miss and have to buy a ticket,” said Cena. “The year doesn’t stop at WrestleMania, we do Raw the next night. Now imagine if this stalwart, this statue of the WWE now has to look inside himself and ask, ‘Do I still have it?’ after being left out of the biggest show of the year.”

We won’t disagree that Cena being left out of ‘Mania would be an interesting story, but how realistic of a concept is it actually?

“Don’t put this past Vince,” cautioned Cena. “Vince is extremely smart, and the reason he is so successful is his ability to see beyond what is immediately in front of him. A two-year or a three-year play would be smart.”

It’s been reinforced for nearly 40 years that Vince McMahon is a mad genius. But is he crazy enough to damage WrestleMania’s blockbuster appeal by keeping the face of his company off of the card?

Well, it would have to be for one hell of a story.

While our imaginations want to run wild with the possibility, our logical brains say that Cena will meet the Undertaker in New Orleans in one month.

Cena and WWE have done their best to act like that match isn’t happening, but there have been too many stories running counter to their denials. Specifically, several videos have emerged of Taker training, with freshly died hair, to boot.


For the immediate future, Cena will be in this Sunday’s WWE Championship match with Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn and champ, AJ Styles. Cena’s inclusion is certainly intriguing, but him winning would be quite the shock.

Instead look for Cena to lose, furthering his existential funk as a 40-year old wrestler with no direction. And his battle with mortality can only summon WWE’s version of the grim reaper.