RAW Women's Championship Still a WrestleMania Mystery

We thought we'd know more about Alexa Bliss' WrestleMania 34 opponent after Elimination Chamber, but that didn't happen. And it seemed certain we'd know by the end of RAW, but that didn't happen, either

Alexa Bliss continued her sarcastic hot streak by opening RAW with yet another scathing promo. With new pal Mickie James at her side, Bliss sank her teeth into Asuka, causing the Empress of Tomorrow to storm from backstage. The exchanged that followed already has both the Anaheim crowd and Twitter buzzing.

As she admonished Asuka, Bliss mocked Asuka’s struggles with English, a soft spot after Asuka had a challenging promo last week on RA\W. The barb drew a hot reaction from the crowd, but Bliss powered through and demanded that Nia Jax should be in the RAW Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania.

This brought out Jax who immediately began sparring with Asuka, which lead to the Bayley and Sasha Banks coming in to pay good cop.

That multi-women scuffle lead to the booking of a 6-woman tag match to kick off RAW.

That match is still underway, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting any resolution for a women’s Championship matches at WrestleMania.

As of this will begin to settle once Asuka chooses her opponent. As the Royal Rumble Winner, she’s earned the privilege to pick between Bliss and Charlotte Flair, but that moment has yet to happen.

Rumors have insisted that Ask is destined to call out Flair, leaving Bliss and Jax to duke it out in New Orleans. However, with Jax now being mentioned for the program, WWE maybe teasing a triple threat of Bliss, Asuka, and Jax.


If that were the case, Charlotte Flair’s WrestleMania opponent would be one of the bigger mysteries in the company. Ronda Rousey is out because she’s now tied to Triple H and Stephanie, leaving the rest of the SmackDown Women’s Roster very available.

That’s about all we know on the matter, but something tells us that Asuka makes her way over to Smackdown, leaving Bliss and Jax to do their thing.