Triple H Chooses Dinner with Ronda Rousey over Attending SmackDown

Even though both Triple H and Ronda Rousey's camp remain committed to playing coy about her WWE future, they may have just tipped their hand.

While SmackDown was airing Tuesday night, Rousey and Triple H were breaking bread in Los Angeles. TMZ Sports reported that the pair was seen outside an LA restaurant and their cameraman actually got to speak to Rousey about the dinner. She didn't have much to say, but her actions had already spoken.

This will reignite the not just the Rousey to WWE rumors, but more specifically her competing in the first ever Women's Royal Rumble on January 28. Despite her distance from the company, oddsmakers originally made Rousey the favorite to win, but those odd have since shifted, but Rousey still remains a decent mathematical likelihood according to Las Vegas.

While it could have just been to people having a nice meal, our inner wrestling conspiracy theorist is screaming that this reeks of big plans. Given the close proximity of the Rumble, this looks more like two spies trading nuclear secrets than a simple burger and fries.

However, even though Rousey was acting sheepish, we have to reel in our excitement. By now it's fair to assume Rousey will be a WWE Superstar in 2018. But a Rumble appearance may be a bit hasty. If Rousey does participate, she almost has to win. Given her pop culture appeal, real fighting background, and high octane potential, WWE won't be able to resist attaching their biggest rocket to her back.

We'll know plenty more in the coming weeks, then again maybe not. WWE and Rousey appear to be doing their best to keep things a secret and we may not know she's in the Rumble until she actually enters the Rumble.