Triple H Could Return To Face Former World Champion

Triple H may be headed back to the ring very soon if WWE's social media feeds are to be believed.

With the recent health crisis that affected WWE backstage, Triple H returned to the ring last month at a WWE live event in South America. With Kevin Owens heading home from the tour and AJ Styles being pulled to the TLC PPV, Triple H headed south to give the show some more star power. He followed that up the following week by joining the Shield in the U.K.

Though he likely wasn't expecting to return to the ring as soon as he did in South America, Triple H is known for keeping himself in tip-top physical shape and can always return at a moments notice. Plus, with WrestleMania on the horizon, he's probably set to start working out more and more in the ring to get ready for an eventual match at the biggest show of the year.

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That said, it looks like we have Triple H's next match all but confirmed. With Jinder Mahal recently losing the WWE championship, the company needs a big match for him on the upcoming tour of India in early December. Tickets were sold for the shows advertising him as the world champion, so in order to not let the fans down with him recently losing the belt, it looks like they are planning a big match between Mahal and Triple H on the tour.

In the video below, Triple H said that on his recent business trip to India, he was asked several times if he would return to the ring for the India trip. He says that if there is interest, he will return on December 9 to face Mahal in what he's calling the biggest match in India's history.

In the video below, Mahal responds and accepts the match.

WWE has not officially confirmed the match yet, but that's obviously going to come soon. There's no way Triple H would tease this match in the way that he did unless it is happening.

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