'Yellowstone' Actress Kelly Reilly Reveals Scene That Angered Fans

Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly is no stranger to controversial scenes in her role as Beth Dutton, but the actress recalls one scene in particular that had fans really angry. Speaking to TV Line, Reilly shared that it wasn't any of Beth's less-ethical moments that upset viewers, but when the character refused to let Carter (Finn Little) call her mom. Beth had taken the orphaned teen in and looked after him during Season 4.

"America went after me for that!" Reilly reportedly said with a laugh. "I was like, 'That's the character, not me!' But I get it. I wish she would [let herself be a mother to him], too." She continued, "But think about it. If she's telling this kid that she's just met, 'Yeah, I'll be your mom,' that's not truthful to him." Clarifying her position on the emotional scene, Reilly explained, "She goes, 'You had a mom. She died. I can't replace that. But I'll be your friend.' I think there's something honorable about that."

Yellowstone is a Paramount Network series that stars Kevin Costner as the Dutton family patriarch, John Dutton, whose family controls the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the United States. In addition to Costner, the series also stars Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, and Kelsey Asbille, among others. Yellowstone fans have been eagerly awaiting the premiere of the show's upcoming Season 5, which executive producer David C. Glasser says will "immediately surprise everybody." 

Speaking to TV Insider, Glasser teased, "Episode 1 will immediately surprise everybody – where our story starts and what has happened." While he didn't offer too much in the way of specific details, Glasser did reveal that the show will have some previously unseen settings. "We visit some new and amazing Montana locations," he said.

As for Reilly, she revealed a few Season 5 leaks that include major details about the new episodes. In a photo posted to her Instagram Stories, Reilly shared a picture of the scripts for the upcoming season. Based on the photo, which was published by Taste of Country, we know the titles of a few episodes. The Season 5 premiere is titled "One Hundred Years Is Nothing," Episode 2 is "The Sting of Wisdom," Episode 4 is "Horses in Heaven," Episode 5 is "Watch 'Em Ride Away", and Episode 6 is "Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow and You." 

No script was visible for Episode 3, but it is unknown why. Reilly may have had it hidden underneath another script, they could be filming out of order and she hasn't received it yet, or it's possible she isn't in the episode at all. Yellowstone Season 5 is set to debut on Nov. 13, on Paramount Network.