'Yellowstone': Significant Character Leaves the Ranch Seemingly for Good

Yellowstone might have finally given one of its wranglers a way out of the Dutton Ranch, but he is carrying a big secret with him out of the state. After helping to the cover up a big crime on Wednesday's episode, Rip Hunter (Cole Hauser) assured the wrangler made it out of Dutton Ranch, seemingly with no plans to return any time soon.

Spoilers ahead for Yellowstone Season 2, Episode 6 "Blood the Boy"

The episode took a wild turn rather quickly as the Duttons dealt with the looming threat of reporter Sarah Nguyen (Michaela Conlin) possibly going public with her story about John (Kevin Costner), supported by quotes from Jamie (Wes Bentley).

After attempting to convince her to stop pursuing the story, and burying whatever secret he had spilled to her when he was feuding with his father, Jamie panicked after she denied his request and murdered the reporter in one of the show's crudest moments to date.

The aftermath of the big murder saw a nearly-catatonic Jamie go to Rip for help with getting rid of the body. Rip took the moment to kill two birds with one stone and ask Walker (Ryan Bingham) for help driving Sarah's car to another location as the other two staged the murder as an accident.

Walker knew quickly something was going on but kept his mouth shut at first. After Jamie and Rip put Sarah's body on her kayak and made it look like she had drowned due to the river's rough waters, Walker was the only loose end.

He asked Rip if he had just made him an accessory to murder as they made their way back to the ranch. Rip refused to give details on what had happened but told him he would get what he had wanted for a long time, an opportunity to leave the ranch and the state. The only condition would be for Walker to keep the secret to himself.

After saying a quick goodbye to the other wranglers, Walker took his things and was ready to leave when Kayce (Luke Grimes) arrived back in the ranch and wonder what was happening. After Rip said Walker was leaving, Kayce said he would drive him to the station, to ensure his safety.

On the way out of the ranch, Walker and Kayce shared a brief tense moment as Kayce made sure that Walker kept his mouth shut with whatever secret he was supposed to keep — despite not knowing what had gone down earlier. Walker tells his boss that he doesn't believe he will be back in town for a long while.


The twist marks an expected exit from Walker, who seemed ready to leave the ranch since the beginning of Season 2. Time will tell if the performer will return to uncover the dark secret in the future.

Yellowstone airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Paramount Network.