'Yellowstone' Fans Are Comparing Monica to 'Sons of Anarchy's Tara

Yellowstone is currently between seasons, but the Paramount Network show remains a prominent topic [...]

Yellowstone is currently between seasons, but the Paramount Network show remains a prominent topic for social media users as they revisit earlier seasons on Peacock. Most ask about whether certain characters lived or died, but one Reddit user had a different topic in mind. This person wanted to compare Monica Dutton to Dr. Tara Knowles from Sons of Anarchy.

"Idk if its just me, but the actress that plays Monica is just terrible," one person wrote on Reddit. "I was watching SOA recently and I loved the character Tara in it and Maggie Siff was just amazing in that role. She played that role near perfectly, a strong woman looking to protect her family from that life. Monica in Yellowstone just seems drab and boring compared to Tara and it's mostly to do with the casting.

"She just comes across like whiney and unbearable," the Reddit user added. "Like I can't take the actress seriously. The worst part about is that they got an Asian actress to play a Native American which is embarrassing considering that role should have gone to [a] native American actress." The user added that they don't have a problem with Monica's character; their issue remains with Kelsey Asbille.

There were several users on social media that agreed with the comments about Monica and her role on the show. However, this criticism was not universal. A few other users came to her defense. For example, one person said that Monica "grounds the story" with reality and humanity. "Without her Kayce goes off the edge and becomes his father or worse. She is struggling as a character finding her place in Kayce's world and family," the Reddit user added.

Tara was one of the more popular characters during Sons of Anarchy's run on FX. She went from Jax Teller's high school girlfriend to his wife and the mother of his children. She also made a dramatic transformation from someone who wanted to leave Charming to someone fully invested in the motorcycle club. She ultimately died late in the series at the hands of Jax's mother, but her impact on Sons of Anarchy remained.

While Monica is not a popular figure among certain viewers, there is the possibility that she could grow into one in Season 4 and beyond. Yellowstone fans will just have to wait and see. There is no set release date, but the fans hope that episodes surface soon.

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