WWE Superstar Was Brutally Stabbed to Death During the Latest 'Chucky' Episode

A WWE Superstar made an appearance on the television series Chucky and earned a brutal death. Liv Morgan was a special guest on the fourth episode of Season 2 of the hit horror series and was stabbed by the title character multiple times. Before Morgan was killed by Chucky, the doll said that she is one of his biggest fans, and Morgan even kissed him on the cheek.

Both Morgan and Chucky went over the current mysteries going on in the season. Later in the scene, Chucky shows a clip from The Buster Satterfield Show where Morgan said: "I want Chucky to kill me. It's a dream. I don't want a starring role, I don't want a lead, I just want to be brutally murdered by Chucky." This comment from Morgan led to Chucky getting a kitchen knife and proceeding to stab Morgan in the stomach after Morgan begs him not to do it. New episodes of Chucky air every Wednesday on Syfy and USA Network.

When speaking to Metro in September, Morgan teased that she was involved in a special project in Hollywood. "I have a special surprise coming up as far as acting that I cannot say anything about. I cannot give a clue without it being very obvious," Morgan said. "But there is some news coming out very, very, very soon that is a literal dream come true! I'm sure if you think about it hard enough, you can figure it out."

Morgan also talked about the roles she would love to play down the road. "There's so many roles I would love to play right now that are already being done that – I missed my generation. I would love to play Harley Quinn, I'd love to play barbie! Those two ships have sailed," Morgan added. 'Maybe when I'm 50 I'll still look incredible and I'll finally be able to reprise my dream roles.'

Morgan's appearance on Chucky comes after losing the SmackDown Women's Championship to Ronda Rousey at Extreme Rules earlier this month. She won the title at Money in the Bank in July after winning the Money in the Bank Ladder match. She cashed in the contract the same night against Rousey. Morgan has been with WWE since 2014 and she recently celebrated her eight-year anniversary with the company.