'Winning Time' Hits DVD and Blu-Ray With Multiple Extra Features (Review)

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty was a huge hit for HBO when it premiered earlier this year. The first season of the series took a look at the Los Angeles Lakers during 1979-80 when season Dr. Jerry Buss purchased the team and then drafted Magic Johnson No. 1 overall. Due to the storytelling, non-stop drama and ensemble cast, Winning Time was renewed for a second season in April.

And now, fans can watch the complete first season of Winning Time on DVD and Blu-ray. Getting DVDs and Blu-rays are different today due to the explosion of streaming services. But for those who don't have HBO Max and didn't get a chance to see Winning Time on HBO, this DVD and Blu-ray set could be the way to go, as it includes all 10 episodes of the first season and a handful of short special features.

(Photo: HBO and Warner Bros.)

One of the more notable features of the DVD and Blu-ray is The Forum, which is a recap show hosted by former Lakers Star Rick Fox who also helped make Winning Time a successful show. After each episode, Fox looks back at the episode with different guests, including showrunner Max Borenstein, executive producer Adam McKay, Quincy Isaiah, who plays Magic Johnson, and John C. Reilly, who plays Dr. Jerry Buss. Another feature that stands out is Winning Time: The Craft which is a featurette on three different production staff members who made the show possible. If you want to see the training process of Winning Time, basketball tech Idan Ravin gives viewers a quick look at what it took to get the actors in shape for the show in Winning Time: Training Time.

In other features, Reilly and Isaiah give viewers an inside look at the set in Winning Time: Set Tour. There's even a feature of Isiah, DeVaughn Nixon who plays Norm Nixon, and Solomon Hughes who plays Kareem Abdul-Jabar playing a game of horse. And who wins that game of horse? You're going to have to get the DVD and Blu-ray to find out. 


HBO is known for having disappointing Blu-ray and DVD sets for its original shows. Winning Time has a little more to offer because of The Forum, but the one thing the set is missing in the set is deleted scenes as it would have been interesting to see which scenes didn't make the final cut. While a fan can go through the special features in one sitting, it would have been nice for HBO to go more in-depth with a few features, specifically the original featurette Winning Time: Changing the Game. Regardless, the DVD and Blu-ray set of Winning Time is something basketball and non-basketball fans can enjoy. Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty: The Complete First Season, will be available on Oct. 4.