'Wheel of Fortune' Fans Think Maggie Sajak Could Takeover After Dad Pat and Vanna White Exit

Wheel of Fortune fans have been loving Pat Sajak's daughter Maggie filling in on the iconic game show, and many think that she could take over after her dad and his co-host, Vanna White exit the long-running series. Sajak had taken a mini hiatus from the show while he underwent surgery and recovered from the procedure, so in his absence White hosted while Maggie served as hostess — which meant turning the letters as White normally does. Viewers are loving Maggie so much, they want to see more of her in the future on Wheel of Fortune.

"I'm watching [Wheel of Fortune] right now and I find out Pat Sajak has a daughter Maggie who is honorary letter toucher while Vanna hosts... My God Maggie Sajak is STUNNING," one user tweeted.

"Pat Sajak’s daughter Maggie Sajak is filling in tonight for Vanna and Vanna is filling Pats spot! Maggie is gorgeous, tall and spunky. She must take after her mom," another fan joked.

"Only [Wheel of Fortune] could take a bad/scary situation and make it an enjoyable experience. [Vanna White] has done a SPECTACULAR job filling in for Pat, and the special guests at the puzzle board (Mickey, Minnie, and, this week, Maggie Sajak!) have been a joy to watch," someone else tweeted.

"So cool to see Maggie Sajak turning letters on [Wheel of Fortune] while Vanna White hosts. Definitely makes it special to see & is exactly what this last week without Pat needs!" one other viewer said.

While she has been enjoying her time on Wheel of Fortune, Maggie recently told ABC News' Paula Farris, on Tuesday's Good Morning America, that the whole situation was somewhat "bittersweet."


"It's bittersweet because obviously, the circumstances, you know, was that my dad couldn't be there," she shared, then going on to share how she reacted to his health scare.

"It was definitely really scary," she said. "I'd like to say I was a trooper at the beginning. I wasn't. But I pulled myself together and I'm just so happy he's back in action and doing what he does."