Watch: 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Loses Big Mispronouncing 'Flamenco'

In a hilariously tragic new Wheel of Fortune fail, a contestant lost big after mispronouncing the word "Flamenco."

The category was "Fun & Games," and the contestant, Jonny, had just unveiled the final letter, revealing the answer to the puzzle as "Flamenco Dance Lessons."

Now it was time to solve the puzzle. When Jonny blurted out the answer however, he very enthusiastically pronounced it as "Flamingo Dance Lessons," which would be dance lessons given by a large pink bird, rather than traditional Spanish dance lessons, which is what Flamenco is.

Sadly, after a few seconds, Jonny got the buzzer, which meant his answer was incorrect. At this moment, you can see a visibly confused expression wash across his face as Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak tells him "sorry" and moves on to the next contestant, Ashley, who solves the puzzle with the correct pronunciation and is awarded the $7,100 prize money.

Sajak saunters over to the contestants and congratulates Ashley before explaining to Jonny that he was not credited with solving the puzzle due to his mispronunciation.

Jonny continues to appear confused as Sajak attempts to console him by suggesting that the judges will review the footage and audio to determine if he indeed said "flamingo" instead of "flamenco."

This is not the first time something like this has happened on Wheel of Fortune, as in 2018 a contestant lost over $3000 for pronouncing the Coolio song "Gansta's Paradise" as "Gangster's Paradise."

Other game shows are not immune to the occasional contestant stumble either, with Jeopardy having maybe one of the most surprising back in February.

In an effort to gear up for the Super Bowl, the trivia-based game show added a football category but the contestants in that particular episode hilariously fumbled through it.

Working their way through the five separate questions, none of the players could answer any of them.


When the final clue was revealed, host Alex Trebek sarcastically quipped, "If you guys ring in and get this one, I will die."

In a tweet on the shows official Twitter account sharing the video, a caption read, "Fun fact: Our contestants answered as many clues in this category as the [Cleveland Browns] had wins this season."