Watch Leah Remini Pick on Kevin James in New Clip From 'Kevin Can Wait' Season 2

In this new clip from the Season 2 premiere of Kevin Can Wait, the title character just can't seem to catch a break.

The scene takes place months after Kevin's wife Donna passes away, and Kevin meets up with his old pal Vanessa (Leah Remini). Donning a new beard, Kevin thinks that he's doing well after his loss. That is, until Vanessa knocks him back down a peg.

As soon as the two begin talking, Vanessa starts picking on Kevin for his beard, making it clear that it doesn't look good.

When you watch the scene, it's pretty obvious why the producers chose to bring Remini back as a series regular in Season 2. She and Kevin James still have plenty of great chemistry from their time on King of Queens.

Honestly, watching Vanessa give Kevin a hard time makes the show feel a lot like King of Queens. Hopefully they can keep up that kind of chemistry throughout the entire season.

The season premiere of Kevin Can Wait is titled, "Civil Ceremony," and it's set to air Monday, September 25 at 9 p.m. on CBS.



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