Tony Danza Addresses 'Who's the Boss?' Reboot Rumors

Who’s the Boss? was one of America’s most beloved sitcoms during its run in the ‘80s and into the early ‘90s. With so many shows of yesteryear currently getting reboots, it’s fair to ask why Who’s the Boss? wouldn’t also be considered for a comeback.

As it turns out, the show’s star, Tony Danza, wouldn’t be opposed to it.

“Oh you know what? I’ve been thinking about it,” he told Closer Weekly. “I used to say ‘no’ and it certainly would be hard without [the late] Katherine [Helmond].”

He then when to tell a story from when he was at rehearsal for a children’s acting foundation he’s associated with.

“So I was standing out there just before rehearsal one night with a bunch of the kids and a woman walked by with two little kids,” Danza said. “One of them was like 6, and the little kid says ‘hey, are you Tony Micelli?’ and I said ‘wait a minute! how do you know that?’ and his mother says he watches the show every night. He watches the same episodes over and over again, and what it said to me was ‘you know it’ll really be not a bad thing for kids to see nowadays’ because I mean it — we thought about our message every single week. We knew there were kids watching and we had a responsibility to those kids. So in a way, if we can duplicate that I might be interested.”

The 68-year-old actor says he still keeps in touch with everybody from the show, including Judith Light, Alyssa Milano and Danny Pintauro. Danza says that Who’s the Boss? meant a lot to him as he grew up during the show’s eight-year run.


“Well you know my adult years really I go from a bachelor living large in Hollywood with a series to married with children and a series,” he said. “So I go through a whole lot of stuff during the run of that show. It’s a big part of my life.”

Who’s the Boss? was on ABC from 1984 to 1992. It was nominated for over 40 awards, including 10 Emmys and five Golden Globes. It spawned three spin-off series, although only one ever made it to air. Living Dolls — featuring future stars Leah Remini and Halle Berry — premiered in 1989 and only last one season.