'Today Show' Anchors Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb and Al Roker Reunite for First Time in Months

After spending months apart due to the coronavirus pandemic, the TODAY Show team officially reunited recently. Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Al Roker, Craig Melvin, and Carson Daly got back together outdoors (to maintain social distancing), meeting up altogether in person for the first time since March. And their get-together was just as heartwarming as you might have expected.

The TODAY Show posted a video of the group's get-together, which was their first time being in the same location since March 13. The anchors all met up outside and then sat down (in socially distanced chairs) to catch up. They later reminisced about their time back in the studio, with Daly explaining exactly how much he misses heading onto the TODAY Show set. He also expressed his sadness over the loss of TODAY Show crew member Dave "Big Dave" Anderkavich. Daly said, "I miss seeing you guys. The truth is, I don't even really like being on TV that much I just want to be hanging out with you and the show and the environment and the crew you know, I learned that we lost big Dave this is a guy I spoke to every single morning about Harley Davidsons and corvettes on Long Island and beer. All this man talk. And we lost him."

(Photo: Nathan Congleton/TODAY)

The group discussed how they have been individually coping with their new normal, with Kotb and Guthrie specifically noting how this period has allowed them to spend even more quality time with their families. "I have to tell you, all this additional time has been such a joy for me like, watching Hope and Haley toddle around and now they make each other laugh," Kotb said. "I always scribble in my journal and it's getting repetitive. But I would say god, thanks for not letting me miss this thanks for not letting me miss this, this is one of those things that's easily missed in life, and I don't think we've ever paused like this I know we're working, but it's different."

Even though the group had been physically separated over the past several months, they picked up right where they left off when they sat down to reunite. According to Guthrie, that's simply a testament to the strong bonds that the TODAY Show family has developed over the years. "I guess to me this whole time period is a testament to bonds that are greater than physical closeness," the anchor explained. "They're real closeness, emotional closeness, and our friendships have carried that and kind of lifted us up. And I feel that -we're far away I feel as close to you as ever if not more. And especially because these are trying times and when you feel scared and sad and discouraged you lean on each other, and I feel that way about you all."