Tim McGraw's '1883' Co-Star Reveals the On-Brand Thing He Always Does While Filming the 'Yellowstone' Prequel

LaMonica Garrett doesn't hold back when talking about his 1883 co-star Tim McGraw. The actor tells People magazine that the Grammy Award-winning musician loves to show off his vocal talents while he's filming the Paramount+ show. "On set, Tim sings every day," Garrett revealed while he made his appearance at the Yellowstone prequel premiere on Saturday. "Every day, like in between takes, he's just, he's humming. He's doing something. He sings all the time."

McGraw doesn't just sing his own music, Garret says. The singer will break into song with any idea that comes into his head. "He'll sing, 'the horse is angry today' in a jingle," Garrett described. "You know, he's a singer and that's what singers do, they sing about their own stuff and everything else."

According to the actor, McGraw grabs inspiration from the things he sees outside in nature like the weather since the show is filmed primarily outdoors.

"This is [filmed] outdoors 98 percent of the time, where it'll be a hundred degrees and humid, or you're in Montana and it's 15 degrees or 20 degrees and it's just freezing from sun up to sun down," Garrett said. The actor, who plays Thomas on the show, reveals he and other cast members on the show almost didn't make it to the premiere due to the last-minute dust storm that swept through Vegas on Friday.

"I got dust in places it shouldn't be," Garrett said at the event. "It was bad. The winds were like 60 miles per hour. It almost grounded our flight, and we weren't gonna make it here until today."


1883 premiered on Sunday night to an average of almost 5 million viewers for its on-air debut –– a premiere record for Paramount's new streaming service, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show easily became the most-watched series premiere for the cable network in more than six years since the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead debuted to more than 10 million in 2015.