'Tiger King' Alleged Hitman Allen Glover Admits He Could've Done More Harm to Joe Exotic During Fox Special

TMZ Investigates: Tiger King — What Really Went Down? is set to try and answer some of the questions that fans had after watching the popular Netflix show, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness. One of the main topics that the FOX special is set to investigate has to do with Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin and Allen Glover. According to TMZ, they got to speak with Glover for the special, and he had some major claims about the events that led to Exotic's imprisonment.

Many Tiger King viewers will know that Exotic gave Glover $3,000. As seen in the true-crime documentary, Glover alleged that Exotic paid him in order to have him kill his rival, Baskin. However, Exotic claimed that it was for him to get out of the zoo. Now, in TMZ's new special, Glover has claimed that he wished that he could do more to hurt Exotic as payback for all of the "misery" that he has caused people and animals. He also claimed that he was gunning to pay Exotic back. In an interview with The Wrap, TMZ founder Harvey Levin shared some details about his interview with Glover on the special.

"Well, I interviewed Allen and, in the interview Allen says that essentially was payback and that because of all the misery and the harm that Joe did to the animals and people, [he wishes he] could have done more to him," he told the publication. "And if he had said that in the trial, that is what defense lawyers pounce on to show bias to discredit a witness and he was the star witness, because he's the only person Joe gave money to. If he was biased, and if a jury even had a doubt and thinks maybe he's lying because he hates him so much, the result in that trial could have been different, it could have been very different. Even the sheriff told me that he felt Joe was wrongfully convicted; he didn't think the evidence was there. So this Allen Glover interview is interesting and somewhat troubling."


Levin's interview with Glover isn't the only bombshell that will be dropped on the special. The TMZ founder also shared that some stars of Tiger King are reportedly under federal investigation. Although, he did not share any details regarding who specifically is allegedly under investigation. For fans who want answers to these questions, and more, you can turn into TMZ's special to find out much of what you've been wanting to know about the wild Netflix series.