The 'This Is Us' and 'Titanic' Theory Could Change What You Think About Jack's Death

We have to give props to Reddit users for bringing the latest This Is Us theory to the public.

According to Bustle, redditors maverickLI and puppysvet pointed a crazy fan theory linking Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) death to the movie young Randall (Niles Fitch) went to see the day of the fire, Titanic.

As fans have known since Season 1, Kate (Chrissy Metz) blames herself for Jack's death, but the reason why she holds herself responsible has yet to be revealed. In last week's episode, titled "That'll Be the Day," the show revealed the final moments of normalcy the Pearson family experienced before the fire, and in the process, revealed that Randall went to see Titanic on the day his father died. Now, what happens in Titanic? Jack saves Kate (Winslet).

In Titanic, Jack Dawson sacrifices himself so that Rose can go on to live a long, happy life, and This Is Us appears to be setting up a scenario where Jack Pearson does the same thing for his daughter.

Theories about Jack heading back into the house for Kate or, at Kate's urging, to save her dog Louis, are everywhere, and they may ultimately prove to be true when the Super Bowl episode airs.

No matter what happens, fans are convinced This Is Us writers included a reference to the James Cameron disaster movie on purpose to hint at the reason for Jack's demise.

Another fan theory claims the reference might be a way to distract fans from the real person Jack is trying to save when he meets his end — his son Kevin. One user suggested Jack has no idea Kevin isn't home at the time of the fire, so he will rush back into the house to save him before Rebecca can tell him Kevin is sleeping at his girlfriend's house.


But then again, the writers could have just dropped that reference for no reason, and fans are just theorizing to keep their minds busy before a beloved character meets his end during the upcoming emotional hour of television.

This Is Us will air the fateful episode, titled "Super Bowl Sunday," on February 4 after the Super Bowl. The show regularly airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.