'This Is Us': Randall and Beth Make a Major Adoption Decision

During the latest This Is Us episode, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) Pearson are pushed to the edge by the mother of their foster child.

Deja's (Lyris Ross) mother is released from jail when the charges are dropped. She then heads straight to the Pearson home to get Deja. The scene becomes explosive when the couple tries to shut her out, but Deja luckily defuses the situation.

This pushes the couple towards an ultimatum. They can press charges on Deja's mother and put her back in jail for probation violations related to her outburst, or they can allow Deja to go back into her mother's home.

Pressing charges would mean the couple would likely get to adopt Deja as they planned, but that would make them the cause of Deja being separated from her mother.

The couple ultimately decides to not press charges and give up custody of Deja. They share a heartfelt goodbye, but stress that they can help Deja in any way that's needed.

Beth and Randall later sit down and decide that even though they couldn't adopt Deja, they want to adopt another child.

"Maybe not like today or tomorrow or next month, but we have a good home," Beth says. "We should bring another child into it, even if it means losing them all over again."


Randall replies, "I think so, too. There's another kid out there who needs us. Maybe a boy this time."

We then see a young boy sitting in a child services office, who is struggling to be placed with a family.