'This Is Us' Raises Questions About Kate Pearson and Miguel's Absence

This Is Us left fans with many questions at the end of the Season 3 finale, but the fate of two significant characters remains one of the biggest.

At the end of "Her," the series shifted once again to the future timeline and found older Randall (Sterling K. Brown), adult Tess and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) meeting up at a beautiful home, which turned out to be Kevin's (Justin Hartley).

The scene revealed that Kevin eventually had at least one son with a mysterious love interest, and also saw Toby (Chris Sullivan) arrive at the home by himself, telling Randall that his son Jack and presumably Kate (Chrissy Metz), were also on their way though he did not mention her by name, leaving some to wonder if it was about Kate.

The final scene of the episode packed the most mystery as Randall walked into his mother's room and found Rebecca (Mandy Moore) in some sort of catatonic state making sure to say his name twice so as to remind her of who he was, and the person sitting by her bedside was Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne) and not her husband Miguel (Jon Huertas).

Along with the mystery of what exactly is wrong with Rebecca in the future timeline, and how close she might be to her death, many fans were left wondering if Kate and Toby are still together, what might have happened between them, and where is Miguel.

Series creator Dan Fogelman revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that there is more to the story when it comes to why Toby arrives at Kevin's house by himself, and why he seems to not be wearing a wedding ring.

"I think there's clearly a couple of reads of that final moment. I think the big positive read is the reference to Jack, that our baby who's heading home at the end of the episode, who's had a very scary birth and early delivery, has made it," Fogelman said of Jack.

"...in terms of the Kate-Toby dynamic, yeah, once again we have jumped into a different part of the family videos and been surprised at the people who are together, aren't together, aren't there. Has something happened? Has something happened in the relationship? Those are all questions we'll solve moving forward."

Series executive producer Isaac Aptaker told Glamour that answers to the Kate and Toby mystery would come, though he wasn't sure if it would be in Season 4.

As for Miguel's absence, Fogelman kept his answers vague for now, but assured fans that the mystery will be revealed in future episodes.


"He's somebody that you're not seeing at the house and at the bed," Fogelman said. "Could it be that he's just stuck in traffic? What is going on? It's a very good question that I can't give an answer for."

This Is Us has not been officially renewed for Season 4 on NBC.