'This Is Us' Not on Tonight, New Episode Not Airing for Weeks

This Is Us aired three new episodes over the past few weeks, but it is not airing tonight. [...]

This Is Us aired three new episodes over the past few weeks, but it is not airing tonight. According to NBC, it will be two more weeks before the hit drama comes back with a brand new episode. The network has stated that This Is Us will make its triumphant return on March 16. Tonight, NBC will be airing the second night of the premiere of The Voice in the timeslot where This Is Us typically runs, 9 p.m. ET.


is not the first break that fans of the show have had to endure during Season 5, as there was a nearly month-long hiatus between episodes 6 and 7. At the time, series creator Dan Fogelman explained that the delay was due to issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. "No new episode of [This Is Us] tonight - Covid-related production delays in LA have forced us to delay a few weeks," Fogelman wrote at the time. "But the next few are big ones, and we are close, so we hope you'll hang in there with us. Sorry!"

In August — ahead of Season 5 going into production — Fogelman sat down with Entertainment Weekly and explained that This is Us would address current real-world issues, such as the coronavirus pandemic. However, he also confirmed that the overall story they are telling, and have plans for, would not be sacrificed. "We have a carefully crafted plan through six seasons of the television show that hundreds of people have now devoted for four-plus years of their lives executing," he explained. "And we're going to execute that plan, no matter what's happening in the world."

"What's happening in the world may shift the details of how things happen, but the big moves continue to happen — and actually potentially heighten and make better the television show than maybe some of our initial plans because that's our job," Fogelman went on to say. "Here are the new rules we've been given. How do we continue to try and top ourselves and make things even better than they were?" Hulu subscribers can catch up on the show during its break, as nearly all episodes of This Is Us Season 5 are available on the streaming service.