'This Is Us': Milo Ventimiglia Speaks out About Jack's Death

Milo Ventimiglia knows fans are ready see how his This Is Us character dies, but he wants them to wait things out a bit longer.

The actor spoke with Marie Claire about Jack Pearson, who viewers only see in flashbacks but know he dies under traumatic circumstances, and when exactly the true circumstances of his death will come to light.

Ventimiglia said he knows fans are fascinated with his character's death, but he stressed they should not lose focus of his life.

"I'm excited for people to understand his death, and understand the chapter that will close answering that question," Ventimiglia said. "I still go back to the fact that I want people to focus on his life. The only reason we care so much about his death is because we care so much about him as a man. We care about the impact he's had on his kids, on his wife, on all of that. We're interested in his journey and what that final chapter is."

As for when the full reveal will happen, he hinted that it could be sooner than expected.

"I just tell people to wait," he said. "Soon enough."

Jacks' death has been foreshadowed as being in a house fire, which still haunts the three Pearson children well into their adult lives. However, This Is Us is known for its dramatic twists, so that might not be the case.


Once it returns on Jan. 2, This Is Us will air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

Photo Credit: NBC / Ron Batzdorff