Chrissy Metz Dishes on Tuesday's 'This Is Us' Twist Ending

This Is Us fans were in for a major shock on Tuesday when the show ended with the reveal that Kate (Chrissy Metz) was pregnant with boyfriend Toby's (Chris Sullivan) baby.

Throughout the episode, Kate had taken extra measures to live a healthy lifestyle, ending the episode in a doctor's office as she worriedly asked, "So, is it still there?"

When her doctor told her she was six weeks along, a relieved smile made its way across Kate's face, sending viewers' heads spinning with the news.

To help break down the big twist, Metz spoke with Entertainment Weekly, sharing that she's excited the show is showing a plus-size pregnancy.

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"I love that it's not like, 'Oh, here's a plus-size girl just sitting in the corner, wishing her life would start,' " Metz explained. "She's actually living her life, and all of these really exciting things are happening, and it's really nice. Because I don't think it's been portrayed — well, really anywhere. Especially network television. So I'm excited about it."

Metz agreed that things were moving fast for Kate and Toby, who just recently got engaged.

"It definitely wasn't planned, but I think they ultimately both were okay and would be excited about what could happen, which is having a baby," she said.

Despite that, she's eager to see how Toby will be as a father — "perfect," she speculated — and how Kate will handle this new chapter of her life.

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"Listen, Kate and Toby have gone through a lot together, but they're stronger than they have been perceived in a lot of ways," Metz said. "But things are going to definitely change in their relationship, and they're going to come up against some issues that are going to challenge the relationship. Truly, truly challenge the relationship."

While Metz admitted there will be worries for Kate, like thinking about what her mom gave up to raise her own kids, she believes her character is feeling good.

"There's so many things going on, but she's ultimately happy that she's taking these necessary steps to be mentally and emotionally on the tracks, and physically on the tracks of where she's supposed to be, and this goes to show she's obviously very happy with Toby," she said. "It's a new chapter of her life and I think one really that she never expected."


Photo Credit: NBC