'This Is Us' Set Photos Hint Jack's Death Reveal Could Be Coming Soon

New photos from the This Is Us set have leaked, and it appears the show could be finally closing in on showing Jack Pearson's (Milo Ventimiglia) death.

Daily Mail shared a series of photos that show Mandy Moore in character as Rebecca Pearson. She's shown with a blanket wrapped around her as she stands next to an ambulance in the middle of the night.

She seems numb and sad, especially as she talks to her children Kate (Hannah Zeile) and Randall (Niles Fitch).

The whole setting matches up with the teases we've seen of Jack's death, which is presumed to happen in a house fire. This could be the scene outside of the family's home as emergency crews are responding, and possibly even after the family has discovered Jack has died.

This could just be the cast filming another tease of the big moment, or it could be the traumatic moment in full.

Ventimiglia recently touched on when fans will finally see the full circumstances of his character's death, and stressed that it will be a big moment worth the wait.

"I'm excited for people to understand his death, and understand the chapter that will close answering that question," Ventimiglia said. "I still go back to the fact that I want people to focus on his life. The only reason we care so much about his death is because we care so much about him as a man. We care about the impact he's had on his kids, on his wife, on all of that. We're interested in his journey and what that final chapter is."

As for when the full reveal will happen, he hinted that it could be sooner than expected.


"I just tell people to wait," he said. "Soon enough."

Photo Credit: NBC / Justin Lubin