New 'This Is Us' Casting Decision Has Fans Concerned for Beth and Randall's Future

A new This Is Us casting decision has fans concerned for Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and Randall's (Sterling K. Brown) future.

E! News reports that ER alum Goran Višnjić has been cast on the NBC drama to play Beth's teacher, Vincent.

The outlet goes on to share possible theories with one being that he plays her teacher in the present day or in a flash-forward, which could imply that he might become some type of love interest for her.

This particular theory also has a twist that Vincent may not be Beth's actually teacher, but rather a teacher at the dance school she plans to own and operate.

Another theory is that he is her teacher in the present day, which could also spell trouble for Beth and Randal.

Finally, E! News also suggests that Vincent could be one of Beth's old teachers and will show up in flashbacks rather than the present day or in the future timeline.

Regardless of whether or not Višnjić's character winds up being a wedge between Beth and Randall, there is no denying that the couple has been having a tough time lately.

"It's a little rough right now," Watson told E! News about beloved TV couple's relationship. "It's our job to portray marriage, kind of the way it happens and so we want to be true to that. We want to give them the journey that they deserve. I think if we stayed in a very comfortable place it was be nice and sort of ideal, but not real. So, yeah, we're going there. All the way there. Sorry. I know we stress people out."

Watson also previously sat down with TV Line and dished out some details of what Beth and Randall are going through in Season 3 of the hit drama series.

"Well, it’s a rocky road ahead. It’s going to be a bit more of a turbulent time in their marriage, but all of that is part of the reality of it," she said. "We all felt pretty strongly, if you’re going to show a marriage even when it’s going really well, you really have to show the cracks, and the hills and the valleys."


"You have to be transparent about those things, and I’m willing to go there. There’s a lot that has been building up, I feel, over the past few seasons in their marriage. And this season, especially, things come to a head. So we can expect to see more rocky times ahead for them, yeah," Watson added.

This Is Us returns with new episodes Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.