'The View': Meghan McCain Makes Things Awkward After Asking Joy Behar If She'd Vote for Her as President

There was yet another awkward moment on The View, and it once again centered around co-host Meghan McCain. On Friday's show, the group was talking about Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who suspended her presidential campaign on Thursday. While they all agreed they'd like to see a woman in the Oval Office, McCain began talking about how women are covered in politics.

According to PEOPLE, this led to something of a standoff between her and co-host Joy Behar.

When addressing some of this cycle's former Democratic candidates, including Warren, Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar, McCain said that "gender really did come into play" regarding how they're portrayed in the news.

"The way they're covered by the media -- it's the way they look, they're too likable, they're not likable enough, they're too shrill, she's not smart enough, she's not warm enough -- it's every woman that runs. I think there's a feeling of exhaustion among a lot of American women, like, when is the media going to … when are we going to start treating them like the men?"

McCain went on to say that "I'm going to be 36 by the next election. Where's my woman president? I would like a woman to be president in my lifetime."

Behar then jumped in, telling McCain "Maybe you should run then. Just run."

Given that McCain's a vocal conservative who's often at odds with her co-hosts, she prodded back with "Would you vote for me, Joy?"

"You put me on the spot," Behar replied, jokingly.

Though McCain is a devout Republican, like her late father, she's also an avid critic of President Donald Trump. However, back in February, she came under fire from the show's viewers after she refused to condemn him as a racist.

At the time, McCain was criticizing then-candidate Mike Bloomberg for past racist remarks, though when Behar pushed back on Trump's own track record on the matter, she said she's "not defending Trump because I'm attacking Bloomberg!"

That same month, McCain also took to Twitter to respond to the viewers' who were "triggered" by her on-air personality, and consistent disagreements with her co-hosts.


"It's called The View ... I am paid to give another view," McCain tweeted at the time. "If you're deeply triggered by a diversity of opinions and want to watch a show where everyone just sits around agreeing with one another on everything, feel free to find a show called 'The Same.'"

The View airs weekdays at 11 am ET on ABC.