'The View': Meghan McCain Slams Ivanka Trump For 'Breaking Her Own Rules' By Leaving DC Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Friday's episode of The View included some harsh words for Ivanka Trump. As the show's hosts continued to tape their show remotely, co-host Meghan McCain sharply criticized the daughter of President Donald Trump for her recent travel despite calls for social distancing, as noticed by PEOPLE. As McCain pointed out in her remarks, the president's daughter has regularly spoken out about the importance of self-isolation on social media as a means to help contain coronavirus.

"Ivanka Trump went on her Instagram and she did a whole Instagram about how people need to stay at home if they can," McCain said. "And then she proceeded to go to her second home in New Jersey over Passover, breaking her own rules and breaking the rules that are set in place." She also compared her own time in quarantine with that of her co-hosts. "I have been quarantined a little bit less than you and Whoopi, Joy, and this is very hard.'

'It's much harder than I thought," McCain went on. "But I'm doing it because it's a health risk for me to go outside. I still worry about the possibility of being asymptomatic." She also added, "I think when we have our first daughter who is not abiding by the rules she is putting in place, it's hard to tell the rest of the American public that they should abide by the rules."

McCain, a vocal conservative, has regularly spoken out about the pandemic, both criticizing the government's handling as well as often voicing support of policies that would normally seem at-odds with her political viewpoint. On March 31, she advocated for a significant pay raise for all workers who've been deemed 'essential' during mass lockdowns and Stay at Home orders.


"I think that anyone who is doing any kind of essential work for us right now should not only get hazard pay but should have their pay doubled," McCain said on the show. "And if corporations aren't going to have a conscience enough to take care of these workers – who, by the way, just have a higher susceptibility of getting the virus, not necessarily getting the kind of medical care they would necessarily need – I think that it is up to the government and I think if we have to do another stimulus and aid package for essential workers, that's what we have to do at this time."