'The Resident' Season Premiere's Steamy Shower Scene Incites Strong Reaction

While some medical dramas push boundaries with gore, Fox's The Resident got fans hot and bothered with a steamy shower sex scene in its season two premiere.

During an early scene, Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) noticed his break finally lined up with that of his girlfriend, nurse practitioner Nic Nevin (Emily VanCamp). With patients settled and their boss is out of the way, Conrad swiped the pair of keys they needed for some alone time.

"Our chief resident Dr. Benjamin's at a medical convention in Denver and these keys are to his office," Conrad said.

"So find a locking door," Nic replied.

"Shower and a locking door," Conrad said as Nic's eyes popped open.

The show cut to a steamy shower where Nic and Conrad are making out. Unfortunately, their time is interrupted when Conrad's pager goes off. After a final kiss, Conrad gets out of the shower and heads off to respond to the call.

The scene left viewers reaching for a fan to cool themselves off.

"WE LOVE A SEXY SHOWER COUPLE!" one fan wrote.

"This is totally how you begin a season premiere with CoNik in the shower," added another viewer.

Aside from steamy sex scenes, The Resident's second season will continue to feature medical errors, even if real medical doctors disapprove of the show's inaccuracies.

"Something we want to consistently do — which I think we did last year, but will do more this year — is adding the elements of what happens in the medical world," showrunner Todd Harthan told The Wrap. "The things that the audience isn't privy to or isn't aware of that we kind of build into dramatic stories. We're leaning heavily into that."

Harthan said he is aware of the critiques the show gets from medical professionals, but is not too concerned. He defended showing "the good, the bad and the ugly" in the medical field.

"Whether you are talking about medicine or law or law enforcement or whatever, there are curtains to be peeled back in any profession," Harthman said. "And we're not saying that, you know, every single doctor is bad or every single hospital is making egregious errors or covering things up — but it absolutely happens... All you've gotta do is just a little bit of research to discover it happens all the time."

The new season of The Resident will also include a new star — Jenna Dewan is joining the series in episode two as Julian Lynn, a medical service representative.


The Resident airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

Photo credit: Fox