'The Office' Reunion: Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey Reunite With Ellie Kemper on 'Ellen'

Ellie Kemper took advantage of her latest tenure at the helm of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to host a mini-The Office reunion. Her former co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey stopped by the show to chat with their friend and discuss their podcast Office Ladies. The trio also discussed the possibility of an Office revival.

When Kemper introduced Fischer and Kinsey, she told the audience it was "like we're having lunch, but in front of everyone!" She also thanked the two for being so welcoming when she joined The Office. Unlike Fischer and Kinsey, Kemper did not join the show until Season 5.

"You were such a cutie," Kinsey, who played Angela Martin, said, before recalling how excited Kemper was to meet her for the first time.

Fischer, who starred as Pam Beesly, revealed how she used to make Christmas ornaments for everyone on The Office. Unfortunately, by the time Kemper came on as Erin Hannon, Fischer stopped making them!

"I would make an ornament of a picture of the cast," Fischer explained. "And I gave it out to everyone for Christmas. And then, around year five, I thought maybe people were like, 'I have enough ornaments of us, Jenna! Thank you again for another ornament.'"

Kinsey revealed that she kept all the ornaments, which means she has too many pictures of herself on her Christmas tree.

"I feel like it's more popular now than when we were on," Fischer said of The Office's enduring popularity thanks to streaming on Netflix.

Kinsey told a hilarious story about how she took a selfie with a young woman at an airport, and only later discovered the woman was singer Billie Eilish. Kinsey had no idea who she was until she Googled who Eilish is. "She's a very talented young lady," Kinsey said with a laugh.

"I've had young fans come up to me in stores and they'll say you look like an older version of that girl, Pam from The Office," Fischer said. "And I'll say I am an older version of her. It's literally me, 15 years later."

Eventually, the discussion turned to Fischer and Kinsey's podcast Office Ladies, in which the two go over one Office episode per podcast episode. They have made it through the first nine Office episodes so far. Since there are 201 Office episodes, Fischer is horrified she will run out of stories, but Kinsey is sure they will still have more to say.

At the end of the interview, Kinsey did ask about all the talk of an Office reboot. Fischer said she would only be interested in doing a one-off special, but Kinsey was more open to a longer revival.

"I would do anything they called me to do," Kinsey said. "So if you want to call me, I'm around."

"I'm with you Angela," Kemper said with a laugh.


Kinsey and Fischer later joined Kemper and tWitch for a holiday version of DeGeneres' "Heads Up" game.

Photo credit: YouTube/Ellen Degeneres Show