'The Good Doctor' Fans Get Emotional Over This Week's Ending

Fans of The Good Doctor are getting used to being in tears by the time an episode ends and this week's was no different. Towards the end of this week's episode, Freddie Highmore's Dr. Shawn Murphy told Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff) he didn't want love. It's scenes like that which prove you need a box of tissues by your side.

At the end of "Not Fake," Shaun tells Aaron he doesn't love his brother Steve or his rabbit because they are both dead. "I don't want love," Shaun says, not realizing that he has plenty of people around him who care about him. Aaron just says "OK," and offers to take him out to breakfast. Shaun agrees, but he wants four pancakes instead of three.

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After that moment, The Good Doctor fans took to Twitter, sharing their love for the show. But they are also sad about how it ended.

This Good Doctor fan thinks the show's first six episodes have packed in as much drama as Grey's Anatomy's first six seasons.

Other fans were really disappointed to learn that they have to wait two weeks for the next new episode.

The Good Doctor airs Mondays on ABC at 10:00 p.m. ET.


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